North Austin Muslim Community Center-Masjid Aisha

North Austin Muslim Community Center-Masjid Aisha
06 Feb 2013


The North Austin Muslim Community Center (NAMCC) was founded in approximately 1992. Prayers were offered initially at a rented building. The current property of three buildings located on five acres of land was purchased during 1996. One of the building was renovated toward the end of that year to be used as mosque. Other two buildings were renovated the following year to be used for Sunday School and guest quarter. NAMCC is a registered non-profit organization and the property has been registered with NAIT (North American Islamic Trust) as belonging to the Islamic community of Austin (wafq). Muslim population of North Austin has seen tremendous growth by the grace of Allah (SWT) in recent years and it is expected to continue growing for the next several years.

11900 North Lamar Blvd , Austin
(512) 491-7148



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