Hindu Temple of Central Texas

Hindu Temple of Central Texas
21 Jan 2011


BRIEF HISTORY OF THE HINDU TEMPLE OF CENTRAL TEXAS It was in 1999 that Madhava R. Beeram, the founding President of the temple, noticed that, as a physician when he was invited to attend the religious services associated with his patients, even a small community would have a church or other place of worship. To have a public place of worship and good religious/social support system is common even among the poorest of local American communities, he observed. In spite of the good socioeconomic standing of us (the Hindu community), we did not have an infrastructure or support system to share our joy or sorrow during day to day life. And the seed was sown for the Hindu Temple of Central Texas. The monumental persuasive powers of Beeram convinced several pillars of the Hindu community in Central Texas to come up with strong moral and financial support for the construction of the temple. After countless hours of deliberations, hard work and unbelievable amounts of financial sacrifice from this small community, the Hindu Temple (Omkara Maha Ganapathi Devasthanam) rose on a beautiful twelve-acre land just off Interstate 35 at 4309 Midway Drive in Temple, Texas. Temples, of course, are not built in a day. After almost 6 years and two million Dollars, the Hindu community of Central Texas has a beautiful temple of various deities, a dining hall (Annapurna Hall) and center for learning and the performance of cultural activities (Saraswathi Nilayam). Temple timings: Monday-Friday: 9 AM to 12 PM, 5 - 8.30 PM Saturay & Sunday & Holidays 9 AM to 8.30 PM

4309 Midway Dr , Temple
(254) 771-1270



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