Bawarchi Indian Cuisine in Carrollton

Bawarchi Indian Cuisine in Carrollton
06 Dec 2013


Bawarchi Indian Cuisine in Carrolton City Our traditional Hyderabadi nawabi biryani is a dish made blending the mughlai cuisine and the southern state of india - andhra pradesh's cuisine. The ingredients of the dish are basmati rice, meat (Chicken or Goat), yogurt, onions, spices, lemon, saffron, coriander and french onions. The meat is marinated with spices overnight before being cooked. It is then sandwiched between layers of fragnant long-grained basmati rice and is cooked on steaming charcoal. Thus getting its name Dum Biryani.

1404 W Hebron Pkwy , Carrollton
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